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  1. Hello. I finally found out what is wrong with my head and I am looking for others out there who might be suffering with the same thing. These headaches are very rare non-life threatening annoyances!

  2. I call them thunder and lightening headaches, because, the pain, sometimes, shoots thru my head like a lightning bolt. Other times, it rumbles like thunder. They last for a few seconds to several hours and are occasionally the most painful things I have ever encountered. A person can suffer between 2 and 30 headache attacks in a day. There isn’t much info out there about these headaches. The way I was finally diagnosed, was, 1. by eliminating all other causes of head pain, and 2. by taking the only medicine that is known to ease the pain. That medicine is Endomethacin. These headaches are called Paroxsysmal Hemicrania, but are also known as, Methacin headaches (due to the fact that that is the only medicine that works to relieve the symptoms). There are 2 forms : chronic, and seasonal. I have the chronic form, which means that I suffer year around (daily to be specific) and there is no telling if and when they will go into temporary remission. I had my first bout back in 1999. They weren’t very bad back then, so I endured them and over time, they went away and were forgotten. Then, in 2004, they came back with a vengeance! After about a year, I saw a Neurologist. She assumed they were cluster headaches, and gave me Verapimil, which caused my blood pressure to drop to 90 over 150. I was weak, and faint. The meds did not work anyway, so, I quit and suffered. Then recently, I got a second opinion. After having an MRI, and ruling out all other headache types, I was diagnosed with the chronic form of Parosysmal Hemicrania. The medicine prescribed to me is not very pleasant. It makes me exausted, and dizzy. 150 milligrams a day has greatly minimized my headaches. I now get, at the most, 2 a day. So now I am debating as to whether I should continue with the Endomethicin, or, endure the constant ‘thunder and lightning’ attacks! I do not like the dizzy tiredness. I have a busy life, and cannot quit anything in order to sleep all day. Since these headaches are non–lifethreatening (thank the Lord) I know that stopping the medicine won’t cause any risk to my life. What shall I do?

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