Paroxysmal Hemicrania, whether Chronic or Episodic, can and does find new pathways.  When I was 7, it started in my eye, now, at the age of 42, it is in both eyes, all over my head, my ears, face, throat, neck, back, and shoulders.  This last attack was hideous!  It was everywhere at all different times of the day and night.   If I laid on my right side, I was able to feel the spasms in my head.  it was intense!  When I laid on my back, the pressure from the pillow pushed up against my brain stem causing the CPH to wreak havoc through out my head! Staying out of bed was just as bad because the instability in my Cervical spine (due to EDS) kept triggering the CPH.   It was a horrible 2 weeks.  I was stuttering, stumbling, and bumping into walls.  It was 14 days of awful-ness.  It took me a few days to recover from it all.  The Celebrex didnt even work.  Finally, at the end of it all, I took one of my Husbands expired Indomethacin pills.  Two hours later….RELIEF!  It lasted 6 and a half hours, but, WOW.  I took another the next evening and again, peace came my way.  The next day I woke up with minimal pain and discomfort, And the Celebrex wiped that out.  This was the longest and craziest stretch of attacks I have ever had at once.  Prior to this, I had a 9 day continuous attack and it switched back and forth, but, not like this.  This was horrible!  Like a monster was living inside my head and it woke up to torment me for half a month!  I dont even remember much of what happened surrounding that 2 week period other than what was going on inside my head.  I was not on any medication either until I took the Indomethacin on day twelve.  the whole time I kept thinking about my sweet friend Kristen from Ohio and how awesome it is that we found each other through this blog.  We now share the responsibility of running 2 facebook support groups.  One is an open group page called Paroxysmal Hemecrania and Cluster headache Conqueror, and the other is a closed group called Paroxysmal Hemecrania Conquerors.  Come check us out on facebook.  It is so nice to know that we are not alone.  We are always finding new friends on there who are desperate just like us.  We are a nice little community of supporters who encourage, uplift, and support one another.   During these 2 weeks of suffering, I found encouragement in reading through the 2 support groups and it reassured me that I am not alone in this.  there are new people diagnosed with this all the time.  they are all over the world.  I am not alone.  You are not alone.  We are all a bunch of Warriors fighting an invisible battle TOGETHER!