Oh man!  I have been suffering so badly for 4 days now.  Usually, I will endure the Lightning attacks followed by a couple of days of constant pain every couple of weeks, but, these past 2 weeks have given me an abundance of sharp, painful lightening attacks that increased every day.  Now, these last 4 days have been so bad!  Two nights ago, I thought I was going to die.  I woke that next morning so happy to be alive!  So over joyed that I got to see a new day.  The pain continued on and I am still suffering terribly now.  But, I am a Warrior and I will fight this battle!  This monster inside my head is trying to consume me.  I will not let it.  I will press on.  When I was first diagnosed with CPH, my Neuro gave me Indocin.  It worked, but, made me too sleepy and I was not able to communicate with others, so, I quit taking it.  I have suffered immensly ever since.  Its been hard, but, I cannot afford to sleep my life away.  I have a Husband and 4 incredible sons who I enjoy very much.  However, this past week has been so horribly bad, that, I took 1 Indocin every night for 3 nights now, and, it gave me much needed relief!  Hopefully today, this CPH monster will bid me farewell for a while and I wont have take another Indocin tonight.  I suffer all day, and then, it gets so bad by night, (because the Indocin wore off) that I have to take it out of desparation!  Please Lord!  Let tonight be different!  Also, a while back, I wrote about a probable diagnosis of EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), and, it turns out to be a fact.  EDS is a genetic disorder that affects my connective tissues which causes my joints to dislocate all the time.  I mostly suffer from the hypermobility form, but, I am waiting for my DR to find a local Geneticist who will test me to find exactly which type of EDS I have.  Whats interesting about this, is, my ligaments in in my upper neck where my spine and Brain stem meet are stretched, causing pain and triggering CPH.  If I sit wrong or turn my head too much, my ligaments in my spine will stretch and irritate my neck and shoulder muscles.  Then, I tense up and my CPH increases, and, I end up suffering from multiple things at once!  I think I need a neck brace so that I will be able to hold my head up without struggling!  I know that God does not give us any more than we can handle, so, no matter how bad it gets, I know I will be able to fight through it.  I am almost a black belt, and, can endure a lot!  I hope that I can get back to training soon!  But, as of now, I am healing my head and 2 sprained ankles along with a torn ACL, and no cartilage in my left shoulder.  All of this is due to my EDS.  Martial Arts strengthens my muscles which hold my ligaments in place better.  That means fewer dislocations!  I just need to get back to it.   I WILL one day get my black belt.  I know I will.  I am a Warrior after all!