This last week was the first time that these attacks were felt in my nose.  have you ever went swimming and got water up your nose?  It felt like that.  It was as if the ‘lighting attack’ ended in my nostril, and it hurt.  For 3 days it was on my right side, and then it switched to my left side and stayed there for about 2 days.  One after the other.  It began in my head and radiated down and out through my nose.  The intensity had increased too.  They are more painful now.  My eyes water more from it, and so does my nose.  I get them every day (about 2-10 a day) but then I go through an episode of twenty to thirty a day, and they are of greater intensity and pain.  It is as if I have both Episodic Paroxsysmal Hemecrania, and Chronic Paroxysmal Hemecrania.  Hmmm, I wish there was more information.  Come on Doctors, we need you to figure this out so we can  remedy it, and maybe even prevent it all together.   Were counting on you!!