So, its been awhile now since I finally discovered whats wrong with my head. I have noticed that it seems to be seasonal. for me anyway. These headaches, which I call thunder and lightning headaches, seem to be worse in the Fall and Winter than in Summer and Spring. Since I won’t be taking any medicine for it, I figure I will chart the changes inside my head so that maybe I can better understand them. Its as if something has taken over my head and it RULES!!! It seems to attack without warning, and continue attacking as long as it chooses to. There is nothing I can do to stop it. I have to let it run its course. On occasion, I do get a slight warning before a big one hits. Kind of like aftershocks, only, its before the big attack. Beforeshocks I guess I will call it. I get the beforeshocks ( they may be very mild to moderate) which last between 5 seconds to 1 minute, and I may get between 2 to 30 a day. Then the BIG ONE! The big one lasts anywhere from several minutes to 5 hours! There were a couple of times that they lingered on for several days after the worst of it was over. June of this year, I had a bad CPH headache that lasted 3 days.!!!My eyes were draining and my nose was running, and I just couldn’t think! It was awful!

There are other times that the beforeshocks will turn into several really bad little attacks that will increase in pain and last between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. They vary in pain and duration, and as usual come without warning. Each person that I meet seems to have a slightly different story than mine, yet the basic details are the same.

I get the shooting pain (lightning) through my head, my eye, my jaw, my ear, my shoulder, and my nose. Sometimes it feels as if something in my head is shooting a spear right through my eye. Other times There is a a pain like rolling thunder going through my head. Sometimes there might be the rolling thunder and then the lightning. There is never a system. Its always sporadic, and its never the same each time.

I have noticed, that not only do these attacks increase in the Fall and Winter, but they also increase when I do not get enough sleep, and when I eat poorly. I usually eat very healthy, but every now and then, I eat junk or sugar, and they seem to increase during those times.

I may not be able to eliminate These horrible CPH attacks, but at least I am figuring them out!